Augusta National, please, no more changes to the course.

The 2019 Masters told us one thing, well two, Tiger still has greatness, and that nothing, absolutely nothing needs to be changed at Augusta National. The course played nearly as soft as it has ever played. Nobody tore the course up. Nobody ran away. Multiple players, multiple playing styles, all had a chance to win it. Tiger prevailed. He prevailed not by overpowering the course, but he prevailed by playing the course like a tactician. Others tried to bomb it. It didn’t work out.

Augusta National made the 5th hole a beast. It’s now a nearly 500 yard par 4 that goes straight up hill. It played tough. Tiger Woods bogeyed it all four days. It played hard. The change served it’s purpose. Now, I think the course changes are complete. Nothing else needs to be changed, especially the 13th hole.

The 12th hole, the second perfect hole at Augusta National showed how perfect it is. It cost four players a chance at a green jacket. It requires precision. It requires steel nerves. It can make and break a player. Just ask Jordan Spieth. It’s location in the 18 holes at Augusta allows players who play the hole poorly to have a chance at redemption on the 13th and the 15th.

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The 13th hole at August National is the ultimate risk/reward hole in the history of golf. The tee shot requires the correct shot shape. The approach is an above the feet hanging lie to a green that requires a cut shot, for right handers. The green is treacherous. It’s the perfect golf hole. Nothing needs to be changed to it. It doesn’t need to be lengthened. It needs absolutely nothing.

The golfers that fell to the wayside while Tiger Woods made history, they lost it because of everything Augusta National encompasses. You need to be at the top of your game for all four rounds. You need to miss it in the wrong places. When a hiccup happens, you have to capitalize on the chances the course gives you, the 8th, 13th, and 15th. Augusta National is absolute perfection now. It is capable of sustaining any of the, what I consider ill-found, fears that distance is ruining course and the game. Club de Golf Chapultepec showed us that. A well designed course doesn’t need to be lengthened to infinity. I hope that Augusta doesn’t change the course further because they fear distance. It doesn’t need it. It’s perfect the way it is.

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