Taylormade, make more of these videos!

This is the sort of content we need to see more of. It’s professional golfers talking like they’re talking on the range and discussing their trade. We don’t get insight like this. Sure, there are countless swing gurus out there that demonstrate how to hit certain shots, but when you hear professionals discuss it, it’s awesome.

It feels almost as if we’re eavesdropping on them. We can barely hear them when they’re on the range. When they’re on the range, they’re never in a group talking shop. Something to compare these videos to is Open Court on NBA TV. The episodes of Open Court are some of the most informative, in depth, revealing, in sports with an ensemble cast. Viewers haven’t been privy to something like that in probably, forever, on a consistent basis.

Taylormade, do more of these. We want to see pros talk shop. We’re way past being bogged down by YouTube swing gurus. Focus on playing golf, be we also want to hear their thoughts on the game, the history of it, and where it’s going. Make a series out of it. It doesn’t have to be only the core five either. Have episodes of the young, up and coming guys on tours as well. It would be great to hear about the player that’s battling on mini tours as well as the player who’s about to make their break from the Web.com tour and Symetra Tour.

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