Winn Grips wins the golf world for 2019!

Entertaining golf commercials are far and few between. Look at any golf infomercial commercial selling a club to see how bland a golf commercial can be. Winn Grips’ new commercial breaks the mold. Anybody in the marketing department of anything golf related needs to watch this commercial.

We’ve all seen those countless medication commercials. Apparently, when you take Valtrex, you’re able to ride horseback on a beach just fine. Have erectile dysfunction? Take some Cialis and you’ll be in great shape to take a bath on the porch outside your multimillion dollar cabin.

The writing is brilliant. The parody is spot on. Whoever is responsible for it should be working for sitcoms and comedy movies. It’s done that well.

Give the commercial a watch. Winn Grips’ marketing department hit a hole in one with their new commercial. With a marketing department/agency that came up with this, hopefully there is more in the pipeline for Winn Grips’ and awesome commercials.

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