2019 Titleist Players 4 StaDry Stand Bag Review

Finding the right bag for your playing style, personality, and location is a process. I’ve gone through numerous bags looking for the perfect one. Thus far, it has eluded me. The 2019 Titleist Players 4 StaDry Stand Bag may be that bag with few drawbacks.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been eagerly awaiting my Players 4 StaDry bag. The colorway I wanted was “limited” and back-ordered until June. Surprisingly, last week the white colorway was available. I think I got the only one! I opened the package, oogled at the beauty of it, and then began to look it over and put it through the rounds to see if it THE bag for me.

In prior years I kept two bags in my car. One for dry days and a waterproof one for the wet days. I like to carry, and the waterproof bag was a but to much to hoof with. I would switch clubs, balls, gloves, nicknacks, back and forth between bags. After the end of last season I wanted one bag going forward. There were too many times I forgot something in one bag and didn’t have it when I needed it.

My waterproof bag was a Sun Mountain H2NO Lite bag. Good bag, but it had issues for me. One, there’s no drink pocket. If you wanted to carry water, it had to be clipped on or stored in a zipper pocket. Also, the straps felt too far apart when on the shoulders. The bag is gorgeous, but, when used as a carry bag, it didn’t fit the bill. My dry weather bag was an older Sun Mountain 3.5 bag. Great bag, but it’s time to move on.

At first look, the Players 4 StaDry has a smaller opening than either of the bags I used last year. It’s a tight fit, but clubs go in and out of it easy. Bigger head putters will cause a little inconvenience by getting in the way, but that is a minor gripe. The dividers are full length, and there shouldn’t be much of the clubs getting stuck. If they do, Titleist created something cool. There’s a zipper inside the big pocket that gives access to the club area at the bottom so you can reach in and move clubs around. Also, if you drop something down the club opening , you have easy access to it rather than taking out all of your clubs and dumping out what’s you lost.

The bag has four zippered pockets. It also has a drink pocket and also a rangefinder pocket. In essence it has six pockets, but four are zippered. The long pocket has no problem fitting five gloves, rain jacket, bag hood in it. I can fit my rain pants in it as well, but it will be tight. Side main pocket is ample to hold everything you need even when you have a drink in the drink pocket which enters the pocket. The range finder pocket is nice and tight and is a great way access your range finder quickly.

I’m used to a double ball pocket. I use one for balls and the top one is used for tees, markers, and Sharpies. The Players 4 StaDry only has one. Inside there are two netted pockets that I can put the items I had in the upper ball pocket in. One drawback for those two netted pockets, there’s no velcro closure. It’s done by elasticity. Items may fall out of it and end up lose in the ball pocket. I won’t know until it’s horizontal in the trunk of my car.

Now, let me address a couple of issues. The first is, the leg extension mechanism is located inside the bottom club shaft. When you put clubs in there, they may stick out a couple inches because they rest on the mechanism. Not a major issue, more of an annoyance. Second is, I clip my rangefinder on the ring. Having it on the ring on the Players 4 StaDry prohibits complete closing of the legs when carried. This was never an issue on other bags I had. So, I moved it to the horizontal clip a few inches away. Works perfectly there.

The bag, fully loaded, works just as I need it to. It looks like I have a winner for everything I want. I set out trying to find a bag that I can carry, and that was also waterproof, that wouldn’t leave me drained after nine holes trekking in foul weather. I’m eagerly awaiting clearance from my doctor so I can begin getting swing in and take this bad boy on the course to see how well it holds up. Now, how to make sure I keep it spotless? It’s so beautiful I don’t want to have a mark on it!

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  1. Great looking bag, I’m actually close to ordering the white StaDry myself. My main concern is dirty it looks after use. Can you comment on that or how easy it cleans up?

  2. Interested in your experience so far this season. I bought the Linksouldier bag to try and size down a bit, but it’s a bit of a tight squeeze if I am carrying a full set. Probably closer to a Sunday bag. How do you feel about the spacing for clubs compared to the 3.5? Similar?

    • It fits squarely between a Sunday bag and the 3.5. Looking at the Link, it’s probably very similar… it’s snug. The difference, waterproof. I just regripped to GolfPride wraps, and it will be interesting to see if the clubs are harder to take out.

    • Hi
      I was wondering how’s your experience now it’s been couple of months?

      How the net in the ball pocket ?
      Do you think the big zip pocket is big enough?

      • The long zipper pocket currently has my rain jacket, tree gloves in their cardboard packaging, and the rain hood. It’s snug, but I can get what I need in and out when I need it. The two nets inside the ball pocket are worthless. Horizontal in the car stuff comes out of them and ends up in the bottom of the ball pocket. The water bottle pocket is pretty tight for a standard Dasani, etc. retail plastic bottle. 16ox I think? If you put it in top end first, it works well. Putting a bottle in bottom first… it’s a struggle. Range finder pocket is tight, but expected because the range finder needs to be secure. I still use an old Bushnell magnet case. I’m just used to it. I haven’t walked with it as I’m still recovering from knee surgery. No issues getting clubs in and out when on a cart or when I’m at the range, short game area, or putting green. With the negatives I mentioned above, I still love the bag. It will be a great walker for me, I feel. It feels great on my shoulders. The clubs go in and out easy, which I was concerned about, and it’s waterproof. It’s been out in some heavy rain and performed admirably.

        • Have you had any issues with the grips getting stuck and tearing on the interior stand mechanism? I keep my wedges in the large bottom divider and have had a couple snag the Winn DriTac wrap grips that I play, when setting the bag down and trying to pull a club out.

          • I ended up returning the white one under warranty. They are using a glue that turns the seams and top fabric yellow. I saw two others and they were having the same problem.

            Having said that, I use the stickiest grips out there, Golfpride wrap. Clubs go in and out normally. Sometimes they may grab, but it done the stop the club from being pulled out. No real issues in thy regard. I keep four wedges in the bottom slot. Putter goes in top slot with two woods and a driving iron. That’s a little snug for the reason that I’m using a Taylormade Spider putter.

  3. Did you say you returned the white bag due to glue discoloration? I’m looking at the same bag. It is a great looking bag.

    • Yep, returned it. It’s gorgeous… until the weather gets above 80 and the glue everywhere starts turning the seams and whole top ring yellow.

      • Thank you for the response. That won’t work for me as I live in the south and the clubs get stored in the garage. Guess I’ll look at the other color schemes.

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