Matt Kuchar channels his inner Donald Trump.

Step one being Donald Trump, deny everything. Step two, when truth comes out, be vague. Step three, when the truth hits the fan, say there is nothing wrong with what you did. Matt Kuchar must have read Art of the Deal.

By now, everyone know’s that Matt Kuchar lowballed his caddy “El Tucan,” when he won the Mayakoba Classic in Mexico. Kuchar won a smooth $1,300,000. Standard for a regular caddy is 10%, $130,000. What did Kuchar give El Tucan, $5000. Yes, Kuchar paid his caddy for the week a measly $5000. That’s 0.3846153846% of his winnings.

Originally, Kuchar lied by omissions and said, ‘It wasn’t 10%, but it wasn’t $3000.’ In Ron Howard’s voiceover from Arrested Development, “It was.” When pressed about it further a few weeks after the story broke, he was done talking about it. Now, with the story gaining traction again, and the truth coming out that Kuchar paid El Tucan $5000.

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Kuchar thinks that is fair. He and El Tucan had agreed that $4000 would be paid if he finished in the top 10 and an additional $1000 for a “Good week.” Yes, that was what was agreed upon, but, if you had an absolutely amazing week, and won the tournament, wouldn’t you feel a little more generous? Most people would, probably. Kuchar doesn’t seem to be “Most people,” though and here we are today.

There’s no way around it. Matt Kuchar pulled a Donald Trump. He denied he did what was claimed. He was vague and said ‘See, I’m not wrong. It wasn’t $3000.’ He then dug his heels in and defended his position that everyone else is wrong and his morals are just fine. Donald Trump is notorious for not paying contractors. He takes them to court where more money wins the case when you bleed little businesses dry and pays little, or no money, to the contractors who he hired. There’s no way for Kuchar to use the Trump excuse of, ‘He did poor work.’ Kuchar won. There’s no better work El Tucan could have done.

What would other players have done in Kuchar’s situation? Would any of them lowballed El Tucan when they won? With the backlash Kuchar has received, rightly so, any tour player who wins, or finishes high, will think twice of what they give their temp caddy. None of them would want their squeaky clean image, if they have one, to be stained by a moment of pure greed.

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