The golf shoe everyone is waiting for, the Jordan XI.

There are a couple of sneakers over the years that you could call iconic. There was the original “banned” Jordan 1’s. You had Larry Bird donning black Converse’s in the early 80’s. Chuck Taylors, iconic. Sports sneakers have become a mega-industry that no one envisioned. In that industry golf shoes have blown up and Michael Jordan is right in the middle of it.

Michael Jordan loves golf. He’s loved it ever since he was in college. It’s no surprise that his business acumen would find his way into a game he loves nearly as much as basketball. Jordan started making his one off shoes for PGA Tour players and basketball players who play golf.

Keegan Bradley was one of the first PGA Tour players to wear a Jordan Brand golf shoe. After Perez, more players wanted to wear a pair. Then another, then another. You had amateur golfers feeing to get a pair of their own. Ebay would be a once in a while gold mine to find a pair. The shoes just didn’t exist outside of PGA Tour players and others close to Jordan himself. Jordan saw an opportunity.

Jordan has released a few color ways of his “banned” Jordan 1’s. He’s released his Jordan 3’s. Jordan 6’s and Jordan 13’s have been released. He’s released a few trainers. The one crossover sneaker, considered to be the best sneaker of all time, the Jordan XI’s Concords have not made it to the course yet. If you’ve never worn a Jordan XI, it can only be described as putting a cloud from heaven on your feet. They feel so great on your feet.

For the past year and a half there have been rumors of the release coming soon. As time passed, nothing came. Professional golfers, other sports athletes, celebrities, were wearing them. Yet, they haven’t been brought to retail. This could all be part of Michael Jordan’s marketing teams genius. They know the demand is high. They know everyone is waiting. They’re waiting for the right time to release them.

That time may have come. Instagram sneakerhead Jay B (giantfanjay) posted a picture showing purported retail colorways of the Jordan XI’s. Could this be it? Could the holy grail golf kicks head have been looking for finally be ready to head to retail? If they do, all colorways will sell out on the first day. Probably the first hour!

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