Does your course need Swing King?

Golf has been struggling for a few years now. The sonic boom Tiger Woods had on youth golf is gone. Sure, he still brings in kids to the game, but not like he did in the 2000’s. Rounds played continues to drop and courses are struggling year after year with rising costs. How can courses attract more play? Maybe SWING KING can step in to help?

SWING KING is a fully automated hole-in-one contest that courses can run every single day, or however they want to. Swing King installs a continually running HD camera, they say there’s no up-front costs associated with hat, on a designated hole, of at least 150 yards from the “mens” tees. Players have the option before the round to participate, for free or a fee, the course decides, and players have a chance at a hole-in-one prize ranging from $1000 to $100,000.

The SWING KING system also allows courses that run weekly corporate, and charity, outings to have a “tournament program.” Cameras are placed on all of the par 3 holes and prizes are attributed for each hole. Outings are always more enjoyable when there’s more than one par 3 prize. Swing King has seemingly found a way to make it more engaging.

SWING KING boasts 70 winners since the company’s inception and 50 winners in 2018. If you happen to get a hole in one, you’ll get a HD video of your accomplishment. Most golfers only have a scorecard, ball, and s few friends as the way they can recall their hole-in-one. Having a video of it would be pretty cool.

Now, the big question, how legit is SWING KING? From what media has said, they’re legit. Redbox used them for one of their outings. SWING KING is in play at more than 250 public, resort, and private courses. If SWING KING catches on, you may be seeing it at your local course.

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