Arccos, analysis by paralysis or beneficial tool?

Have you ever wished you had access to the stats you see when you watch the PGA Tour? Want to know what your true average is with your driver? Are you a good putter? Have too many gaps in your club distances? Arccos can help! Or can it?

I’ve been using Arccos since their beginning with a break in-between to give Game Golf a chance. I’ve seen the company go from a small start-up to the dominant, amateur golf stat company it is today. I’ve seen the ups and downs, mostly ups, the company has gone through. In this review of the Arccos system, I won’t discuss the caddy features. I’ll save that for another review.

If you’re like me, you crave to know everything about your golf game. If I had the coin to get a Trackman 4, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Knowledge is power, for most people. I knew where my game needed some work. I’m awful at hitting greens. I’m a great putter and a have a pretty good shortgame. I need to or I’d be a high handicapper based on my GIRs!

The more I used Arccos the more it confirmed what I believe were the weaknesses in my game. While it confirmed those weaknesses, it also highlighted areas I thought I was correct when assessing my game, but I was completely wrong. I fear going left. I hate missing left. If I do that that means I flipped. If I flipped that means I was stuck. If I was stuck, it was an awful swing. I hate missing left. Did I mention that?

With my fear of missing left I never put two and two together. Ninety percent of my misses off the tee were right. I never miss left. The fact that I hate missing left polluted my thinking and I thought I was missing left more often than I was. Arccos helped change that mental part of my off the tee game. I no longer fear missing left because I just don’t. I gained more confidence off the tee, especially with my driver, and I was able to become more accurate and longer. Yay Arccos!

The longer the iron the weaker my ball striking becomes. My home course has very little danger short of the green. Past the greens it becomes a much more difficult up and down. Like my fear of going left, I had a fear of going to long. What did Arccos show? I never go long. When I missed the green I was missing short. When Arccos showed where my misses were I was able to be more aggressive into greens. My GIR’s got better, I’m still pretty poor compared to my handicap, but it did improve.

Arccos has a lot of stats at their disposal. You can look at your stats in a more summarized way if you just want to know the basics, or you can dig deeper and get PGA Tour level stats. The more you use Arccos, the more accurate you stats become and you’re able to look at your game’s specifics in a more detailed way.

Using Arccos is pretty easy. Screw the sensors into the end of your club, pair them with your phone using your camera, and you’re off! The grips are the ultimate way to go. You can have the sensors at the end of your clubs, like me, but if you’re not fond of the texture of the current Arccos grips offering. I’ve been in touch with Golf Pride about when they’re going to release their retail version of the Arccos grips. They told me to “Stay tuned.” I hope that means they’re coming this week at the PGA Merchandise Show? Please, Golf Pride?

Initially, which seems to be the biggest gripe about Arccos, I was turned off by the fact that your phone needs to be on you. When Arccos changed to the new, far more reliable sensors, your phone needed to be carried in your front pocket. Playing with my phone in my front pocket, I will never! I tried it, and a week later, it’s a non-issue. Put your phone in “airplane mode” and you won’t get any notifications, calls, emails, texts, nothing.

I use Arccos on my iPhone XS Max. With Bluetooth off, and airplane mode on, I end a full round with about 65% battery left. I have no problem getting 36 holes in on one day. The new Arccos 360 sensors don’t need a battery replacement like the Gen 1 sensors. The 360 sensors are also more durable then their predecessors. I haven’t had one fail.

Today, Arccos announced their Arccos Link. It’s a device you put on your belt, or pants, and there’s no need to have your phone on you. It will update during, or after, each round. The Arccos team is also supposed to be working on using an Apple Watch instead of your phone, or the Arccos Link. I don’t have an interest in the Link, but I’m definitely curious about the Apple Watch complete integration.

Arccos isn’t for everybody. If you’re someone who just wants to go out and have fun, Arccos will be nothing but a novelty for you. If you’re someone who’s mind doesn’t like dealing with too many swing thoughts, Arccos probably wont be for you either.

Anybody that is serious about their golf game, and trying to take it as far as they can, Arccos is a tool they should use. It will help identify weaknesses you didn’t think you have, and at the same time, it will give you more confidence about the strengths you have now. I’ve used it. It’s helped my game. It can most likely help your game as well.

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