Titleist blacks out… AP2’s and AP3’s.

Titleist has gone black. Jumping on the train of other club manufactures, Titleist has created their first “blacked out” irons. A limited edition of 718 AP2’s and AP3’s will be all black. Black heads. Black shafts. Black grips.

Known as a traditional club maker, Titleist blacking out was not something golfers thought Titleist would venture into. Though they have gravitated towards being more daring with their designs, for Titleist, woods and Vokey wedges were as blacked out as they went. There were signs though.

Vokey wedges have gone completely black out head wise. Black club and black paint fills. Sure, you could have bought a custom Vokey from Bob Vokey’s WedgeWorks shop, but all black finally made it to retail. Would Titleist take the gamble and make a full set of black out irons? Yes, and they knocked it out of the park.

All of the specifications of the regular AP2’s and AP3’s are the same as the black out versions. The limited edition blacked out versions run a few hundred dollars more than the standard ones. If you were looking at AP2’s and AP3’s this year as a new set of irons, and you have a little extra coin, you might want to splurge on these black beauties. Looks wise, they looks the best out of any other of the “blacked out” irons on the market. Titlest, you’ve done well.

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