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Apparently Matt Kuchar is cheap, or he’s not, he kinda is and isn’t?

In a post last week, PGA Tour journeyman Tom Gillis dropped a cryptic message about a supposed cheap golfer who won a tournament last fall on Twitter. The player Gillis was talking about was Matt Kuchar. Kuchar’s regular caddy, John Wood, was unavailable to loop for him at the 2018 Mayakoba Golf Classic. With Wood unavailable, Kuchar employed local caddy, “El Tucan.” I wonder where “El Tucan” got that nickname? His nose isn’t anything outrageous. I digress…

Normal pay for regular caddies is 10% of the take. With Kuchar’s win last year at the Mayakoba Golf Classic, Wood’s take-home would have been to the tune of $130,000. Gillis’ cryptic message alleged Kuchar gave El Tucan a measly $3000. Kuchar was asked about it at the Sony Hawaiian Open and responded with, “That’s not a story,” Kuchar said, per Golf Channel. “(What I paid him), it wasn’t 10 percent. It wasn’t $3,000. It’s not a story.”

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Two fold, Kuchar is denying Gillis’ claim of $3000. He’s also saying it wasn’t the customary 10%. Why not 10% as is standard? What are Kuchar’s reasons behind not giving what is customary? What would you have done?

On the surface you may be saying, “Cheap b@$tard!” You may be correct, but you may not be. When you go to a restaurant you normally give 20% as the baseline to your server, at least I hope you do. If you return to the restaurant at another time, and you are waited on by a different server, do you give the same 20% for the same service? You usually do. So, Kuchar should have given El Tucan the customary 10%, right? Not so fast.

Using the restaurant server as another example, what if you’re an awesome tipper. Your server sets your table. They read you the specials. They fill your water. They set everything up for you right up to the point that the only thing left to do is bring you your food. Your server has to leave and another one takes his, or her, place. Your new server brings you your food. You don’t have dessert, and are brought the check. Does the server who brought you the check get all 20%? Does your original server get 20%? Do they split it? If so, do they split it evenly?

Kuchar didn’t give the customary 10%. Did he give El Tucan 5%, probably not. Did Kuchar give him more than the measly $3000 Gillis claimed? I’d hope so. Would you have given El Tucan 10%, 5%, or $3000? In a perfect world Kuchar would have given El Tucan 10% and Wood 5%.

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