The Memorial Tournament delivers in dramatic fashion, but CBS gets a penalty stroke!

It wasn’t the ending Tiger, Rory, Phil, or Spieth fans wanted. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t an exciting tournament. Bryson DeChambeau delivered a knockout blow on the second playoff hole. It was a fun and exciting finish. It would have been more exciting had CBS gone to a tape delay broadcast like they have done forever. Instead, viewers were welcomed to a 12 hole absence from when the Golf Channel stopped broadcasting and when CBS picked up.

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Congratulations to Bryson DeChambeau. He beat one of the strongest fields of the year. He was a machine playing that 18th hole three times from the tee. While it would have been great for him to win in regulation, him knowing he fought off two players in a playoff makes it that much tougher of a win. He’s got an “it” factor. He’s polarizing. There’s no doubt about it, and that’s great for golf. It makes people talk about the game. Some people like the analytics of his game, others deplore it. The game needs that.

It’s great Tiger is back and making a strong comeback, but there still needs to be other story lines. Bryson’s win on Sunday is a an example of exactly what the game needs. There have been other young golfers who have won once, or twice, but they lacked the “it” factor and make people talk about them after the tournament has ended. While a win by Kyle Stanley, Ben An, or Patrick Cantlay had won, while it would be amazing for their career, are good guys, because the media needs something more than a win to talk about them, their social sticking power just isn’t there. It would be ‘on to the next tournament’ for the sports news world. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just the way it is.

When the Golf Channel ended their broadcast the leaders were on the fourth hole. When CBS started broadcasting they jumped right to live and the leaders were on the 16th hole. While it may be great for viewers who don’t watch the whole broadcast, other people had no reason to watch beyond the first hour and a half. The tournament was over. The result was known. Everyone DVRs sporting events. They take too long. There’s too many commercial breaks. Networks know that which is why CBS’s decision to air live is perplexing.

If CBS knew they were going to broadcast live, they should have had a “spoiler” of sorts before the broadcast started. That way, fans who like to watch the entire tournament unfold could fast-forward on the DVRs and watch all the drama that led to the last three holes. Instead, there was no reason to continue. It will be interesting to see CBSs ratings after the playoff had ended. My guess, with big names like Tiger, Rory, and Phil, being a non factor, ratings will be one of the lowest ever.

CBS, if a tournament started early for weather reasons, show delayed, like you always have; like all other sporting events do. At the very least, warn us that you’re jumping into live. That way, for those of us who want to watch the entire tournament, we can without knowing the outcome. Now that I think about it, maybe it wasn’t a bad thing? I was able to have three extra hours free that I would have normally spent in front of the TV. Should we say thanks to CBS?

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