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I watch a LOT of golf vids on YouTube. Everything from classic PGA Tour videos, to struggling am’s have passed through my viewing history. I consume them all. When I stumble upon a gem of a channel I subscribe. Golf’s, yes, that’s his name, well… Nickname, his real name is Pawat Prachoomsrisakul, is a channel all golfers should watch.

Golf’s YouTube channel is all content and no fluff. You get to the goods of the video right off the bat. His videos have a wide range of subjects. In one video Golf will have a video of his range session. In another, he’s playing against a high-level am. You see them warm up on the range. You see every single shot they hit. It’s all condensed into a 20 minute, or so, video. You stay glued for every second.

While he hasn’t made it to the bigger tours yet, Golf’s swing is a sight of beauty. He’s a small guy, but he hits a very hard ball. I can watch his swing on a loop all day long. There’s a beautiful temp to it, and it’s the same every single time. He turned pro in 2017 and is currently playing on the Thailand PGA Tour and Singha All Thailand Golf Tour. Golf also has an Instagram account that you can follow, @golfeverysecond. Subscribe to both!

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