The bromance of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

What should the budding bromance of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson be called? Should it be Woodson? maybe Philger? How about Mickelwoods? I think I like that one best. Anyway you slice it, Tiger and Phil’s relationship has grown stronger over the years. They were never enemies. Other than Tiger’s first year, or so, on tour, Tiger and Phil have had a good relationship. Sure, they had some animosity, but they always had respect for one another. As time went on, and surprising no one, they grew, went through turmoils, grew again, and, in the process grew closer.

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When Tiger’s personal life went to shambles with the infidelity scandal, Phil was one of the first people to reach out to Tiger. He wanted him to know that he would be there to help his family in any way he could. Phil said he reached out to Tiger because they grew close when Phil’s wife Amy was diagnosed with cancer, as well as Phil’s mother. While they were warriors on the course, life took precedent over everything else. Trying to beat each other’s brains out at all costs, life was more important.

Through out the years, Phil has never shied away from publicly thanking Tiger for everything he’s done for the game of golf and how it’s benefited Phil financially. Phil’s life was made a whole lot easier because of Tiger roaring onto the golf scene and has said as much. He’s been able to buy planes, start up foundations, start up personal companies, he’s been able to do a lot and has thanked Tiger for helping.

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Tiger never had a true rival. He was so great for so long that nobody could touch him. Sure, David Duval and Vijay Singh overtook Tiger’s ironclad world #1 spot for a time, but they didn’t have the pizzaz to challenge him for the media’s attention. That was Phil’s job. Phil has always had a knack to keep himself in the media. He knows how to work reporters for some airtime. While Phil never overtook Tiger for world #1, he has always been Tiger’s top rival. Tiger was pushed by Phil. There’s no doubt about it. When Phil made a dig about Tiger using inferior equipment, Tiger took it personally. He was sly about it, but you know it drove him. Tiger has always many of his thoughts close to his chest. He’s never really let it be knows how much Phil drove him. As someone who’s watched Tiger since the very beginning, I’m going to assume it Phil drove him quite a lot. Much more than anybody else.

The playful relationship of golf’s top dynamic duo for the past 20 years is great for golf. It shows the lighter side of a game that is dominated on an individual basis. It would be great of Tiger and Phil were a team at some point in the future. Phil laid down a challenge to Tiger yesterday during the 2018 Player’s Championship news conferences. He said Tiger and him should play a winner take all money match. Tiger didn’t give an answer. I agree with Phil, it would be great to see. Bring back Monday Night Golf under the lights as was the case at The Battle at the Bridges from years ago. How about teaming up for next year’s Zurich Classic? If they did, I wonder what their walkout music would be?

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