Best YouTube Golf Instruction Channels

YouTube has been a godsend for many golfers. It’s allowed amateurs to get information in an instant so they can work on their swing wherever they are. With the countless channels out there, which ones are the best? Swing gurus are a dime a dozen on YouTube and it may be overwhelming which ones to pay attention to. If you can’t afford to see a local PGA Professional, that would be my suggestion as a first step and then hit YouTube, or you don’t have the time, YouTube is a great place for golf instruction so long as you know what you need to work on!

Me and My Golf

Andy Proudman and Piers Ward are the hosts of Me and My Golf and they have, by far, the best presentation of any YouTube golf instruction channel. It’s put together very well, they offer free video assessments from time to time, and their instruction is some of the best. Combine all of these traits, Me and My Golf is ranks as one of the best, if not the best, YouTube golf instructional channels.

Rebellion Golf

Rebellion Golf is the brain child of Monte Scheinblum. His foray into golf instruction started with Monte wearing cargo shorts, a t-shirt, and doing instruction videos from a city park to doing clinics around the globe. He’s worked tirelessly to research everything about the golf swing, what causes which faults, and how to make the swing easier for everyone. He makes his instruction videos as simple as possible so they are accessible to everyone. For a no BS approach to the golf swing, you can’t do any better than Monte.

Athletic Motion Golf (AMG)

If you’re someone who likes to get really technical with the golf swing combined with a lot of data, AMG is your go to. They compare measurements between pros and amateurs hips, shoulders, rotation, speed, slide… you name it they have the data comparison. With that data AMG demonstrates how to get those amateur measurements closer to pro levels.

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